Fire & Smoke Damage

Your home or business has been damaged by fire, and smoke and now you are faced with the overwhelming task of rebuilding andrepairing.When fire damages your home or business it can be devastating. You’ve lost your home, or you have lost your livelihood. Even if the damage seems minimal, it can create hazardous, unhealthy conditions for your family or your staff. Smoke residue, namely soot is toxic, and may be hidden inside walls and ductwork, carpets, furniture, electronics and clothing.

What is My Insurance Company’s Responsibility When I File a Claim for Fire & Smoke Damage?

Filing a fire insurance claim with your insurance company in Florida, can be confusing and complex. It often requires reviewing reports from various agencies including police and fire department investigation unitsthat will determine cause and make a structural evaluation to ensure building safety. A remediation company will test for harmful chemicals andestimate the cost of restoration.If you’re unsure what your insurance company’s responsibility is regarding a fire & smoke damage claim, talk to Desir Law Firm.

Leonard Desir is able to take a complex insurance policy (which is a legal contract) and make it easy for a client to understand, and he examines the policy to see where their insurance company is violating its agreement. Even more satisfying is knowing Desir Law firm has helped hundreds of people, who have been taken advantage by their insurance companies when filing property damage claim.

How do I Know if I Need Help with a Fire & Smoke Damage Insurance Claim?

We would like to believe that insurance companies will always do the right thing and serve their policyholders. However, insurance companies are in the business of making money and expensive claims such as those resulting from fire, eat into their bottom line. When smoke and water damageissuesbegin to mount up, they often use tactics to delay payments or deny damages.

Helping Florida Insurance Policyholders.

Desir Law Firm will routinely review, consult, and, when necessary, litigate various types of insurance policy contracts on behalf of homeowners, renters, business and commercial property owners.