• Patrick

    Lenny saved our business. After Hurricane Irma, we were devastated. We were even more upset with what the insurance company was offering us. I called Lenny he came right out, sat with us, and went to fight for us and he won. Lenny’s our champion. Thank you, Lenny.

    – Patrick

  • Jonathan

    With that we were able to put our home back together again. We went to Desir Law Firm because of a hurricane Irma claim our public adjuster took the claim as far as he could but really couldn’t get us enough money to put our house back together again and put a new roof on. Leonard reviewed our case with me and my wife and took it on. He filed a lawsuit almost immediately and was able to settle it for more than we expected within six weeks. With that we were able to put our home back together again. Thank you, Desir Law.

    – Jonathan

  • Omar

    He got me so much more money than I was even ever thinking about getting. My house was affected During Irma and I had the insurance adjuster come to my house and we couldn’t even cover my deductible which was terrible. I ended up getting Lenny’s information like nine months later. I wasn’t even thinking about doing anything with the house, Lenny came over. He took on the case. He crushed it. He got me so much more money than I was even ever thinking about getting I was able to fix my house. I was able to actually remodel my kitchen I was able to do so much more with that extra money that I got and all I want to say is thank you Lenny, you did a great job.

    – Omar

  • Holly S.

    I can’t say enough about our experience working with Leonard. He’s been a pleasure every step of the way, very patient, VERY responsive and available to us, which has been much appreciated and a refreshing change from our experiences with other attorneys. Without Leonard’s expertise and professionalism, we would not have gotten the resolution we were looking for. For anyone dealing with the frustrations that go along with filing an insurance claim, and want results, I would HIGHLY recommend Leonard without hesitation.

    – Holly S.

  • Judith S.

    I recently had a dispute with my insurance company over a roof leak on my house and I was referred to Mr. Leonard Desir, Esq. to assist.

    Mr. Desir worked quickly and was instrumental in getting the insurance company to pay for a new roof.

    I would without hesitation utilize his service again, should I need it, and I would also recommend him to others.

    Thank you Mr. Desir

    – Judith S.

  • Yvonne E.

    After a hailstorm damaged my property, it was not a nice experience dealing with the insurance company.
    I reached out to Mr. Desir law firm and it was a great experience working with him.
    Mr. Desir kept in touch with me regularly to let me know how things are going and whenever he is on the phone I get his undivided attention like nothing else matters, I am the only client.
    Appearing at a deposition for the first time, Mr. Desir made me feel so confident during the process because he had fully prepared me for this. At the end of the case I was given a fair settlement.
    It has been an honor working with you. I am exceptionally pleased and would highly recommend your Law firm to anyone that is looking for a great attorney.

    – Yvonne E.

  • Gloria Y.

    Need a Lawyer ? Someone to get the job done ? Honest, Reliable, and Trustworthy ? Let Leonard Desir fight for you. Still have damage from the hurricane ? Give him a call. I had a damaged roof and the insurance company did not give me enough for my damages. Attorney Leonard solved my problem in about 3 weeks. Give him a call Today 954-848-2912.

    – Gloria Y.

  • Guy B.

    I appreciate that you made time for me and were very good to me. You are good at what you do. Thank you very much. God Bless you.

    – Guy B.

  • Patrick E.

    My name is Patrick E. I am the owner of several UPS Stores in the Davie area that were impacted by Hurricane Irma. Attorney Leonard Desir successfully negotiated a significantly higher settlement with the insurance company than our initial settlement. i highly recommend Mr. Leonard Desir to anyone with an insurance claim.

    – Patrick E.

  • Omar C.

    Leonard did a great job at handling my case , very thorough and responsive, I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

    – Omar C.

  • Yours Truly Jackie M

    It is my testimony that during the entire process of legal services with Mr. Desir I had not one worry, not one doubt. He explained every step, every phase and allowed me to decide what I wanted from this case and then he obtained those results. I would highly recommend his firm.

    – Yours Truly Jackie M