Other Types of Damage

Damage to real property such as homes and businesses caused by natural or man-made disasters aren’t the only types of claims we deal with. Other types of insurance claims we represent include damage to boats, commercial property, damage to properties within an association, and property that is insured or not.

In Florida, boating is a year-round activity, both commercially and recreationally, but many boat owners have their claims denied unfairly.

A business owner experiencing non-theft damage to inventory or equipment may not receive the compensation they are entitled to or may have their claim denied.

Damage to properties within an association, where multiple parties may be involved begins with defining and evaluating the cause and scope of the damage.

Property that is not insured directly may still be entitled to compensation by establishing cause.

Leonard Desir is able to take a complex insurance policy (which is a legal contract) and make it easy for a client to understand, and he examines the policy to see where their insurance company is violating its agreement. Even more satisfying is knowing Desir Law firm has helped hundreds of people, who have been taken advantage by their insurance companies when filing property damage claim. We understand insurance law so let u get the settlement you deserve.