Wind Mitigation. Your Secret Goldmine

Ouch. You just got your new homeowner’s insurance bill. What do you do? Make sure you get new impact windows and doors. They’re more affordable than ever and will pay for themselves in a short period of time. Check it out.

Battlestations! Why You Have a Critical Role in Limiting Damage

So your house just got damage. You don’t know what to do. You still have a responsibility to limit your damage, whether that means putting a tarp, whether that means drying out your property, you have to make sure things don’t get worse. Otherwise, your insurance company will use that against you.

Is it Safe to Deposit that Check?

So you just received that check. What do you do? You can deposit it as long as you don’t sign a release. A release and depositing a check are not the same thing.

Settlements. Why it Ain’t Over till it’s Over

You know what they say? It’s not over till it’s over. Getting a check from your insurance company is not the end. You still have an ability to recover additional money. Don’t give up your rights.

Hurricane Damage Traps to Avoid

Do you know how much your out-of-pocket responsibility would be after a hurricane? If not, you should. So make sure you review your policy or talk to your agent.

How Your Insurance Company Pulls Jewely Heists!

If you have expensive jewelry, get a separate policy. Most homeowner insurance policies have limited coverage for jewelry like $2,500 or less. That’s nothing. Your jewelry is a worth a lot more. Call your insurance agent. Make sure you get a separate jewelry rider.

Don’t Forget the Contents. Damage After the Storm

You wanna make sure you claim everything, even the smallest items. It could be your clothing, it could be furniture, it could be a camera, it could be your phone. You wanna claim everything, so you make sure that you are properly compensated.

RCV vs ACV. Which One Will Leave You Crying?

RCV or ACV. Get replacement cost value. You will thank me later. ACV, Actual Cash Value means you’ll get the value of the item now versus what it costs to buy a new one. So what that means is RCV is the way to go like and follow for more.