What is Negligent Security?

Negligent security occurs when a condominium association provides a guard or some sort of security patrol and despite those measures being taken by the association, something happens. A car being broken into, an assault on association property, negligent security says that the association breached its duty to provide security measures that they agreed to provide … Continue reading “What is Negligent Security?”

My Car was Damaged in the Condo Parking Lot. Who is Responsible?

If your car is damaged in the condo parking lot, there’s a possibility that the association is responsible because again, the parking lot is part of the common area that the association is responsible for maintaining or possibly providing security for. If the association is supposed to provide security for the residents and something happens, … Continue reading “My Car was Damaged in the Condo Parking Lot. Who is Responsible?”

I was Injured in a Common Area. Who is Responsible?

When it comes to a common area, common areas are maintained by the association. Most likely if you were injured in a common area, it’s going to be the association who is responsible. If the association was maintaining that area, you may not have been injured.

What are Condo Bylaws?

The bylaws are essentially the documents that establish how the association has to be run as a business. It’s going to have more information with respect to the board of directors. How elections are run, how often they’re supposed to happen when they’re supposed to happen, how voting happens. The association is always going to … Continue reading “What are Condo Bylaws?”