Avoiding Inspection Landmines

So you made an insurance claim. Now they want to come and inspect your property. Do not speak to the inspector about the circumstances surrounding your claim. Only show the affected areas. If you have an expert, make sure your expert is there present during the insurance company’s inspection, and make sure you follow the … Continue reading “Avoiding Inspection Landmines”

Winning Deposition Secrets

Winning deposition secrets. Only answer the question being asked. Do not speculate. Keep answers as short as possible. And more importantly, make sure you have an attorney there present with you to protect your rights.

Insurance Release Tricks to Avoid

So you just received a release from your insurance company. Don’t sign it. Make sure you hire an attorney to review the release before you sign it. If you have a problem with the release, you can ask that it be modified. You want to make sure that you’re protecting your rights.

The EUO Trap

The EUO trap. What is an EUO? Examination under oath. Never attend an EUO alone. Would you represent yourself in court? No. So why would you go to an EUO by yourself? Make sure you have an attorney present with you there to protect your rights.