The Hidden Secrets of Condo Bylaws

Hidden secrets of condo bylaws. Condos have boards that have elections. You need to understand how meetings, board elections, et cetera, work because they have a major impact on your quality of life at the association. This is your home. Know your rights and responsibilities. Like and follow for more.

What is smoke damage?

An accidental fire or a fire caused by any other means that generates smoke which then covers objects in soot, dust, and odour, is referred to as smoke damage. Smoke damage is an effect of the fire caused accidentally or intentionally. Hence, smoke damage is indirectly caused by the fire itself. Once the smoke settles … Continue reading “What is smoke damage?”

The “Limited Common Elements” Gotcha!

Don’t fall for the limited common elements gotcha! Limited common elements may be your responsibility. Read the condominium documents. These documents are written by attorneys and may be confusing. If the association is giving you the runaround it might be time to consult with an attorney. Like and follow for more.

What Falls Under Property Damage?

Property damage can be defined as damage caused to a business’ property or a third-party property. Property damage usually means physical damages caused to tangible property. Tangible property can be described as something that can be felt or touched such as a computer monitor or building. Most of the property damage claims include physical injury … Continue reading “What Falls Under Property Damage?”