What is an EUO, and do I have to do it?

EUO is an examination under oath. The way I try to explain EUO is it’s essentially a deposition but a deposition happens during a lawsuit and EUO happens prior to a lawsuit. That’s the difference. They ask you questions about the claim and fact surrounding it. Now, you don’t have to do an examination. Unless your insurance company requested it. If they don’t request one, then it’s not required. But in general, you want to cooperate with your insurance company. They’re holding the checkbook. So, if they were requested, you must attend the it’s an it’s a post loss condition of your policy. So, if you do not attend the examination under oath and later on you try to sue your insurance company. They can say, well you breached your policy by not complying. So, you want make sure your President also make sure you have an attorney present because again, the insurance company is going to have Are attorney there and there’s going to be a court reporter there and you want to make sure that you’re prepared and know exactly how you’re supposed to be answering questions.

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