What is liability Insurance, do I automatically have it?

When you have a homeowner’s policy, you will have a section that has Protection for liability. For example, you likely have protection for liability. If someone you know has party at your house and somebody slips and falls and hurts their back and they have to get medical treatment. They may sue you for whatever reason, whether it’s valid or not. For those medical expenses, your liability portion of your policy supposed to cover you for those situations where you get sued for some sort of bodily injury claim that you may be made against you for an incident that happened in your home. Or, it can be a property damage liability. Let’s say you were doing some yard work and something from your home toppled over into someone else’s yard and destroyed a gazebo or something like that. Typically, your neighbor will come after you and your insurance your liability insurance to compensate them for that damage. So, it’s fair. If you want to understand what kind of liability coverage you have in your homeowner’s policy, schedule a policy review with your insurance agent or a property claims attorney.

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