Don’t Forget the Contents. Damage After the Storm

You wanna make sure you claim everything, even the smallest items. It could be your clothing, it could be furniture, it could be a camera, it could be your phone. You wanna claim everything, so you make sure that you are properly compensated.

RCV vs ACV. Which One Will Leave You Crying?

RCV or ACV. Get replacement cost value. You will thank me later. ACV, Actual Cash Value means you’ll get the value of the item now versus what it costs to buy a new one. So what that means is RCV is the way to go like and follow for more.

Inventory. Your Insurance Claim Lifeline

It’s super important. A hurricane is just about to hit. What do you need to do? Make a list of all your personal property. Take a photo, take video, whatever you need to do to make sure all of that will be covered later when you make an insurance claim.

DP3 or HO3? Why Does It Matter?

DP3 refers to insurance policies that are provided to owners that rent their property. The HO3 policy is for owners that are actually living at their property. It’s important because your insurance company will provide different coverages depending on the situation at the property. If it’s rented, or if you’re living there as the owner. … Continue reading “DP3 or HO3? Why Does It Matter?”