Points to know before you file a roof damage claim

The roof is one of the most important parts of a house. A roof can take care of the house and protect it from extreme weather conditions. In case of natural disasters like a storm and heavy rainfall, your roof can get damaged, and may need immediate repair.

Consider filing claims under the guidance of a good roof damage attorney from reputed law firms like ROOF DAMAGE Claim Lawyer Fort Lauderdale so that you can get good compensation for your damaged roof.

How to file for the claim?

a. Take as many photos as you can of the damaged roof, and document every possible point related to the roof damage. You can also take photographs of the object that damaged your roof. If you need to repair the roof urgently before you claimed the insurance, keep the bills properly.

b. Get in touch with the insurance agent and inform him/her about the damage. Inform him/her everything in detail and ask whether the policy includes roof damage coverage and how much time you have to file the claim. If the roof is damaged due to violence and vandalism, make sure to file a police report before contacting the insurance agency.

c. The insurance agent can help you to do the paperwork related to the claiming process. Once you submit all the documents, the claim process will start. Make sure to keep the bills and receipts related to the repair post damage so that you can produce it at the time of the claim process

d. You can expect the insurance field adjuster to visit you and take photographs of the damaged roof. The adjuster is there to document visible damages and report back to the insurance company. If the insurance company agrees that the noted damages are covered, they will instruct the field adjuster to create an estimate.

e. In some adverse situations, the insurer can deny your claims or pay less as compensation. In such cases, you can get a public adjuster for damage assessment and provide a detailed report to the insurance company to reassess the damages.

Claim processing can be time consuming, and it may take up to 3 months for settlement to occur. More often than not, insurance companies try to find a way to escape paying claims, so it would be wise to hire a good attorney. ROOF DAMAGE Claim Lawyer Fort Lauderdale provides the best lawyers with years of experience handling roof damage cases without any trouble.

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