Basic FAQs on hurricane damage claims

Living near coastal areas has its perks. You can enjoy great weather, scenic beauty as well as seafood. But the flip side is that you and your belongings might become the target of hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and floods. For that, you must take hurricane damage insurance so that in case of any adverse weather condition resulting in property loss or damage, you can always get the desired compensation.

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Is there any hurricane insurance available?

Several property damage insurance companies offer hurricane coverage. It includes damage caused to your belongings due to hurricanes and windstorms, but not floods. If you live near the Gulf or east coastal region of the US, you may have to purchase a separate policy solely related to wind damage due to hurricane in addition to property insurance for other causes of damage to your home

What is a hurricane deductible?

Certain insurance policies require you to pay an amount before the policy fetches you the compensation. In the case of fire-related accidents, it is usually $500, $1,000, or $2,500, while in the case of hurricane damage; this deductible is based on a percentage of amount of coverage for the main structure of your property. The amount is generally from 2-5% of the insurance coverage applicable to the primary structure of your home. If you live on the coast, you will likely be paying a higher premium for the increased risk of damage due to hurricanes or other windstorms.

How to file for the claim?
The insurance company will request the specific date that the damage occurred, details about the extent of damage, the repair costs, and other damages that may be associated with your claim such as damage to personal property or additional living expenses that you incurred. So it is important to keep all your repair bills, invoices, and/or receipts so that you have proof of your expenses.

Make sure to take photographs of your house before the hurricane starts and once the hurricane is over so that you can produce evidence of your damage for claim compensation.

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