Types of Property Damage Coverage Under a Typical Policy

Any physical damage to your tangible property can be called property damage.

When your property is destroyed due to some unexpected event or natural calamity, you expect that your insurance policy would cover the loss. But while filing the claim, you may find that the insurance company is trying to delay or deny your claim. At PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIMS Lawyer Fort Lauderdale, you will find the best lawyers who can handle your case well and help you get the compensation amount you deserve.

Common property damages
You invest your life’s savings to build property, so in most cases, getting property damage insurance is advised. Non-commercial properties like single family homes, condominiums, or apartments must be insured too so that in case of any damage, you can claim for them too. Commercial properties like a warehouse, office area, or business space (including its furniture) too can be insured against property damage.

1. Property damage due to the act of nature

Nature can be harsh sometimes and can damage your property. Flood damage is not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy and has to be purchased separately. It is highly recommended that all homeowner’s have flood insurance even if you do not reside in a flood zone. Damage due to hurricanes, hail storms, or severe thunderstorms are generally covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy

2. Fire Accidents
Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, especially property damages due to fire. In the case of fire-related accidents, save yourself and your loved ones, call 911 and report whatever you have witnessed. You can always file claims for fire-related accidents and receive due compensation for your property’s damage or loss.

3. Theft and burglary
Both of the acts- theft and burglary are considered punishable offenses, and if there’s any kind of property damage (or loss) due to these acts, the victim is eligible to file a claim and receive compensation. Hiring competent lawyers from PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIMS Lawyer Fort Lauderdale can help you file the claim easily and receive the amount you deserve.

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