What about loss of inventory claims?

What about loss of inventory claims? I represented a restaurant where the power went out during Hurricane Irma and much of their items were refrigerated so they had to throw it away because there was no power for a week, things are going to spoil like food in a matter of days or even shorter than that. So, it’s really important that you have coverage for spoilage under your business property damage policy for these loss of inventory items. When you have a covered peril like a hurricane that causes damage to your business, but it also could be a theft or vandalism, could be a fire, could be water damage. So, the loss of inventory will cover you for these items. Now, there could be a different type of business where you have computers that you have in your business, whatever you have in your business, the personal property, that’s your business, personal property, there’s coverage for that under your policy but if you’re unsure consult with an experienced insurance claims attorney.

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