What is a business interruption claim?

Business Interruption insurance covers you for situations when you’re not able to operate your business. Let’s say that your business has a fire, all of a sudden you have to shut down your business while they restore it. Everyday your shut down, you know that you normally make a certain amount of money. Based on this, business interruption insurance, should cover you during your downtime. But what about covid, Can I file a business interruption claim related to covid? Maybe. Many business policies have these virus exclusions in them. And if that’s in there, in your policy, there’s a higher probability that you will not be covered. If you have a covid-19 related business, interruption claim and you don’t have a virus exclusion, then you can pursue a claim. Now there are firms out there hired by the insurance company that are going to try to fight you anyway regardless of the exclusion, it’s an uphill battle. But at the same time, you have government programs like PPP that can help you with your business interruption and keep you afloat. If you need help with a business interruption claim speak with an experienced insurance claims attorney.

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