What is Not Covered in a Cast Iron Pipe Claim?

If you have a cast iron pipe claim, you may be wondering what damage is NOT covered. You will not be covered for the costs of any replacement pipe itself. However, that is a relatively small costs comparted to the costs of accessing the pipe. If you cannot stay in your house due to demolition or water being turned off and it’s not safe for your family, then insurance should cover your temporary living expenses. Some people don’t realize they have a deteriorating cast iron pipe. If the water damage doesn’t manifest itself inside of the home and you actually see water, you know on the floor or staining the wall, you may not actually be covered because the way that these policies are worded is, they cover for damage to the house. So, the pipe is just deteriorated, but you don’t actually have any water damage inside your home then you probably do not have a claim. If you have questions about coverage for cast iron pipes, schedule a policy review with your insurance broker or an experience property claims attorney.

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