Importance of a Wind Damage Attorney

Catastrophic storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes, cause a great deal of property damage resulting in financial losses. Most people believe that their insurance company will treat them fairly, without the help of an attorney. This often isn’t true, so it’s advisable to hire a Wind Damage Lawyer to get a fair settlement.

Sometimes the damage is less than the deductible so it’s not worth filing a claim, but retaining a Wind Damage Lawyerbecomes important when:

  • You believe that your roof has been damaged by a storm, but your insurance company claims that the damage is due to age or lack of maintenance.
  • You suspect that the repairs will cost more than the insurance adjuster’s settlement amount.
  • You have read over your policy and feel that your damages ought to be covered but your insurance company disagrees.
  • You suspect your roof needs to be replaced but your insurance company agrees to provide roof repairs only.

Having a windstorm attorney review your policy and your claim will often bring a better financial outcome. It is best to speak with an attorney before submitting your claim especially if your property has suffered severe damage.

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