Water Damage Claims Coverage

Most homeowner’s policies cover water damage not caused by flooding. Many policies will cover water damage from a sudden incident like a burst pipe but does not provide coverage if the water leak was continuous for a period of 14 or more days, months, or even years. An attorney can provide legal guidance on how to overcome water damage exclusions.

It is crucial to go through your policy carefully and know your deductibles and policy limits for water damage, if any. Many insurance companies are now offering limited water damage coverage which generally cover damages up to $10,000. This is important because water claims are the most commonly reported claims for homeowner’s and usually the most expensive claims.

Damages caused by a hidden leak are generally covered unless there is an exclusion under your policy that bars coverage for such claims. If you feel your damage should be covered contact a Water Damage Lawyer who can review your policy and help you file a claim.

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