5 Tips For Filing Roof Claim [Infographic]

This infographic titled ‘5 Tips For Filing Roof Claim’ will describe how an insurance claim related to your home’s roof should be done.

Claiming insurance related to your home’s roof should not be taken lightly. It has to be planned to create a strong case that the insurance provider cannot deny. As per the experts, here is a list of tips you should follow to file a roof claim and prepare a strong foundation.

  1.     Reviewing the policy first

In order to prepare a strong foundation for the roof claim, you need to review the insurance policy you have. Find your policy and study it well to figure out the clauses and conditions before you make any effort to file the claim.

  1.     Damage assessment

This step refers to the proper inspection of the entire house apart from assessing the roof damage. Find the cause of the damage and check what other parts of your home have been affected by it. Make sure you have discovered all the damages and noted them before filing a roof claim and then contact the insurance company.

  1.     Estimation

Seek professional consultation from roof contractors to get an estimate on proper letterhead that includes the company’s information. The estimate should focus on repair, not renovation.

  1.     Quick action

Never delay on filing a roof claim since the insurance company will claim they are unsure of the cause if other weather events may have caused damage subsequent to the initial weather event when the damage first occurred.

  1.     Correspondence log

Keep proper records of every step you have taken regarding filing the claim with proper photos as evidence.

This is how you should plan and file a roof claim like an expert. Your efficiency will fortify the claim and will increase the likelihood of the claim being covered by your insurance company. Follow the tips step by step.

To gather more information, please refer to the infographic below.

5 Tips For Filing Roof Claim

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