Does Insurance Pay For Smoke Damage?

Homeowners who have suffered fire damage in their homes often ask “Will I be able to file for smoke damage claims.” Homeowners need to understand that most standard homeowner’s insurance policies usually offer coverage for the claims that are caused by lightning, wind, and fire. Your insurance company will be obligated to up your insurance policy limit if your home was destroyed by a fire.

Most typical homeowner’s insurance policies will offer coverage for replacing or repairing the items inside your home that were damaged due to the fire and its side effects such as smoke, ash, flames, and soot. There is no denying that smoke damage can be quite nasty and it may affect everything in your home in some cases.

Homes that have suffered smoke damage will have to discard furniture and several other possessions. You should also thoroughly inspect your house for inconspicuous damage due to smoke when you are filing an insurance claim.

In some cases, a fire that started at a home next door might result in serious smoke damage to your property or house. If that’s the case, make sure to collect the necessary evidence before getting in touch with your insurance company.

You should always remember that you are paying for insurance to deal with situations like this and get a fair settlement from the company. However, if your insurance company is trying to deny your claim, then it is best to get in touch with us.

We will fight for you against the insurance company by providing the necessary evidence so that you get a fair deal. Homeowners should document all items in their home, which have traces of ash, soot, or smoke damage. You can use this as evidence to prove that your claim was genuine and you deserve a fair settlement.

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